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Dogwalking Summer Job Opportunities for Teens and Students

Are you interested in working for a dogwalking service?
Flexible hours, fun work place, decent money. Sounds good? Then you should work this summer as a dogwalker or petsitter.

If you like playing with animals then it's the perfect job for you. You can easily find a local dogwalking or petsitting company that is short on employees. You could also post some flyers in your area that you offer dogwalking service at affordable prices. (Check with your local City Hall first, because it could be against the law to post flyers in your area!)

Make sure that you only accept walking service in the area that you can get to easily, either by walking or riding a bycycle. If you're old enough to drive, then you can service even larger area. Keep in mind that you should only spend a small portion of your pay on gas, otherwise you'll be giving away your earnings at the gas station. Keep your customers close to your house to maximize your income!

Future possible career path:
Dogwalking business owner, petsitting company business owner, pet groomer, store rep or manager at local pet store.