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Looking for summer jobs in the fast food industry as a teen or student?
One of the most common summer jobs that teens and students apply for is in the fast food industry. There are possibly several fast food restaurants in your area, so getting a job at one of them should be very easy.

You may have to go through some training at the begining of your employment, but it shouldn't be more than a day or two; and you're on the clock as you're being trained! The owner or the manager will assign you to one or more tasks from food preparing, cashier, busboy, server, etc.

If you do an excellent job during the summer you will always have a spot at that location the next summer. By the time you finish school they could even hire you as an assistant manager, which would more money and the possibility that you could run your own store in the near future.

Future possible career path:
Server, waiter, busboy, restaurant manager, general manager, restaurant owner.